Saturday, 25 September 2010

Minecraft, a truly epic game.

Minecraft is really an incredible game, the sense of freedom you achieve just from loading the game and being spawned in the hugely immense world. You decide where you live from the off; near the beach, above the sea, under the sea, under the ground, in a cave, in a treehouse or even in a wooden lodge; handbuilt, of course.

It's for those reasons that I truly love this game. I love most games with a sense of freedom like this.
I had heard a lot about this game through YouTube videos, online reviews and friends so I decided it was testing. I picked this game up during the free weekend (due to some server problems caused by huge love from gamers) and it was a great time-sink, I loved every second I 'used up' in this game as the possibilities are endless. Once the (slightly longer than expected [what she said]) free weekend had run out I purchased the game as I think everyone should support this developer.

I'm sure you can find a mirror to the 'free' version somewhere on the interwebs ;) and I'd recommend trying it out, if you like it; spend some money and support Notch, he is an awesome guy.

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